a girly wedding


this past may, i had the esteemed honor of being a part of my friend hillary’s wedding as one of her bridesmaids. hillary and i were friends-at-first-sight. she’s just my kind of gal. she’s hilarious, adventurous, intelligent and just a lot of fun to be around. we always become engaged in a super deep chat about something life-changing every time we spend time together. she’s good people.

anyway, hillary married megan in the hudson river valley of new york and it was absolutely gorgeous. this particular shot was of their first dance. the late afternoon sun made for stunning lighting from this particular angle. so glad to be a part of these girls’ special day – congrats you two!

you can view my previous post about this wedding here: http://spotofserendipityphoto.com/2013/06/12/ceremony-at-sunset/

bridal brunch


A beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful bride-to-be! Oh happy day!

baby girl and joshua


joshua and i met in north carolina where we were both working a temp job that we were both over-qualified for. we clicked immediately over the topics of how much cooler we were than our lame job, how much disdain we had for north carolina (and small southern towns in general) and how much we loved and missed new york. josh being from new york and my mild…okay crazy…obsession with new york led us to picking out apartments together online in our beloved city in a matter of weeks as soon as we had enough money to quit our lame north carolina jobs.

life changed and new plans emerged and our imaginary roommate situation was gone. sadly. but we kept in touch and continued our friendship and i make a point to see him every time i am in the city. so when the hubs couldn’t make the wedding i was in in upstate new york, joshua came along and entertained baby girl so i could attend to bridesmaid duties. they had a blast. she wore him out and he gave her smiles.

this was the best moment i captured of them together <3