brand new baby girl


there’s just something about newborns…and something particularly sweet about newborn baby girls. this sweet girl graced this world with her presence just over a month ago. i had the privilege of capturing her mother’s beautiful belly while baby girl was … Continue reading 

rally to improve birth – labor day 2013


this year I had the privilege and responsibility to organize, plan and advertise the rally to improve birth…part of’s main awareness event. the mission of is to “bring evidence based care and human rights to childbirth”. this organization … Continue reading 

desert sunset

the desert is definitely a place that takes time to get used to living in. it’s a bit of a “climate shock” especially when moving here from the east coast! but it’s breathtakingly beautiful in it’s own way. the sunsets here are not even comparable to sunsets I’ve seen anywhere else. the dust particles in the air create gorgeous colors every single evening at dusk.

this particular image was captured while driving north towards phoenix a few weekends ago just before the sun disappeared behind these mountains. i made my husband pull over so i could capture this moment before it was gone!