rally to improve birth – labor day 2013

this year I had the privilege and responsibility to organize, plan and advertise the rally to improve birth…part of improvingbirth.org’s main awareness event. the mission of improvingbirth.org is to “bring evidence based care and human rights to childbirth”. this organization is not only making waves here in the US but across the globe as well. this year, there were rallies held in japan and australia.

this movement is near and dear to my heart as a mother, a woman, a birth worker/professional and a human. there is drastic need for an enormous change in the way we handle maternity care. it affects everyone, not just women and babies. all of us were once a baby. all of us have a mother. and our children will have babies and either become mothers themselves or marry one.

so, in addition to coordinating the local yuma rally on labor day of this year, i also brought along my camera to capture this historical event that means so much to so many. i am VERY grateful for all of you that held signs the ENTIRE two hours we were out there as i never got the chance to do so. between speaking with families, news reporters, making sure the registration table didn’t blow away and snapping photos, it all became a blur. i think next year, i will solicit the photography to someone else!

for more information, please visit:

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