Annika is TWO


Annika turned TWO this year! A little girl with a huge personality, she brightens any room she walks into….as does her mother. She LOVES cupcakes (I think she ate about 5 or 6 at her party) and was super excited … Continue reading 

baby girl and joshua


joshua and i met in north carolina where we were both working a temp job that we were both over-qualified for. we clicked immediately over the topics of how much cooler we were than our lame job, how much disdain we had for north carolina (and small southern towns in general) and how much we loved and missed new york. josh being from new york and my mild…okay crazy…obsession with new york led us to picking out apartments together online in our beloved city in a matter of weeks as soon as we had enough money to quit our lame north carolina jobs.

life changed and new plans emerged and our imaginary roommate situation was gone. sadly. but we kept in touch and continued our friendship and i make a point to see him every time i am in the city. so when the hubs couldn’t make the wedding i was in in upstate new york, joshua came along and entertained baby girl so i could attend to bridesmaid duties. they had a blast. she wore him out and he gave her smiles.

this was the best moment i captured of them together <3

photog blogging thoughts

so i started this blog months ago…and then did nothing with it. life got me. life keeps getting me. babies grow fast and their needs are endless. but my love and excitement for photography keep growing and growing. i see something every single day that i want to photograph. i think of places where i want to live for short periods of time just to capture some once-in-a-lifetime shots.

i have discovered portrait photography is much more enjoyable when you know those you are photographing. i have confirmed my theory that i LOVE shooting polo matches. i am increasingly more and more interested in exposure and aperture related to landscapes. and ‘excited’ is too dull of a word when describing how i feel about moving into birth photography. i’m beyond ecstatic and very much looking forward to the babies born this summer that i have scheduled to capture their entrance Earth side.

photography has definitely become more than a hobby for me…more than a pass time…more than something i want to build into a life-long career. it is part of me now. it woven into my daily happenings. it is as much a part of me now as breathing. i see more “photo opps” each day within my surroundings. it is a passion and a fulfillment.

and my baby girl is the best subject to shoot every. single. day.

ceremony at sunset

ceremony at sunset

I had the privilege of being included as part of the wedding party at my dear friend, Hillary’s, wedding last month. She and Megan chose a lovely venue in Audrey’s Farmhouse in the gorgeous Hudson Valley of New York. A beautiful day with beautiful weather, beautiful people in a beautiful setting made for pure beauty wrapped in love. Here is a moment I captured of the ceremony site at sunset while everyone was dancing the night away post-dinner in the big white tent.