three sweet blondes

Three Sweet Blondes

These girls….be still my heart. The first one had me at ‘hello’ when she was only eight months old…back in 2007. I have watched her grow into a gorgeous six year old who started kindergarten last year – what?! Even though she is not my own, she taught me SO much before my own and she was the first that showed me how fast these little people turn into bigger people.

The second one I ‘met’ when she was but a bump in her mother’s belly. I missed a lot of her babyhood but have since been introduced to her fiery spirit, independent attitude and very assertive opinion. She wears her mother out but man, she’s a beauty and has amazing things ahead of her in her life with that personality :)

The last one, what a peach. She is her own person in this sorority house. She loves to copy her sisters yet in her own, individual way. She has one of the most contagious smiles ever seen on a child and her laugh….well, it’s only outdone by maybe one of her sisters.

Love these girls. This shot was taken on a crisp, Fall day at a pumpkin patch.