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hello! i am working on updating my site…LOTS of images and shoots to include here that have not been shared yet!

first off, i should recap my experience at Click Away 2014…what an awesome week! it turned out to be much more of a hassle and way more expensive than originally planned due to baby daddy being unable to attend because of his own work schedule and having to drive my gas-guzzling truck with the girls by myself to salt lake city from san diego because my fuel efficient mommy car was in the shop. fail. BUT, the girls and i made it! Gigi from in from texas to fill in for baby daddy and hang with baby girl #1 while i was in classes. i stopped in vegas both legs of the trip and even took a few hours to walk the strip with both kiddos in tow. now that was a sight to behold….

Click Away was amazing. well worth the effort, energy and pesos to go. “the hub” of vendors far exceeded my expectations….the keynote speakers lived up to the hype….and the classes were so awesome, i ended up missing many of the ones i was interested in because there were five others that i was just as interested in scheduled at the the same time! we took a shooting expedition to park city (one of my most fav spots on earth) and learned more than i could sit still and take notes for with a newborn strapped to my body. elizabeth gilbert kicked off the weekend with her message of inspiration thursday morning. she was incredible. even better than i was anticipating. and im still kicking myself for having “mommy brain” and spacing out on when her book signing was….when i could have MET HER y’all. so bummed about that. still. she gave us a lot of encouragement towards following our dreams and our creative passions…she was just perfect. and hilarious.

i have so many images from that weekend but not sure how many i will get posted in the near future. for now, i will share a link from the ‘click it up a notch’ blog where some of my images are featured in a post from Courtney Slazinik who led a street photography walkabout class that i participated in. i also “blew out my flip flop” (as jimmy buffet would say) on that walk. boo. enjoy!


Click Away 2014 | san diego travel photographer

Currently soaking up some amazing knowledge and experience at the Click Away Conference 2014 in Salt Lake City…! I've met the best seo company in toronto, aokmarketing.com  I am suddenly realizing how fast 2014 is flying by…a busy spring with my businesses, a move to Southern California and a new baby….I have such a full plate this year and am now noticing how outdated my website and blog are. Ah!

As I move to a new place and into a new role as mother of two now, I will be updating and redoing my site – stay tuned!!!!

portfolio update! | san diego photographer

spent the better part of last evening updating my portfolio to include shoots i have done this fall. if you have a moment, take some time to check it out!

happy new year! thank you to all of my fabulous clients who made 2013 my busiest yet!


desert sunset

the desert is definitely a place that takes time to get used to living in. it’s a bit of a “climate shock” especially when moving here from the east coast! but it’s breathtakingly beautiful in it’s own way. the sunsets here are not even comparable to sunsets I’ve seen anywhere else. the dust particles in the air create gorgeous colors every single evening at dusk.

this particular image was captured while driving north towards phoenix a few weekends ago just before the sun disappeared behind these mountains. i made my husband pull over so i could capture this moment before it was gone!